Beyond Sound & Music


‘Nada brahma’ is specially developed program connected with various forms of sound and musical formations. This includes ancient philosophical principles behind the cosmic reformations and the universal formation also.
Nadabrahma, the special Musical Program is developed and Promoted by The Preventia Group.
Nadabrahma is the implementation of yogic principles of music.
Various music related studies
Various Music therapy methods (Sound energy management, Raga therapy etc)
Stress management program using music
Interventional therapies for developmental disorders
Supplementary therapeutic support
Experienceable world of Self-Realization
Techniques for inner cleansing
Activation program of Yogic chakras
Pancha Prana control method through music.
Our Learning and Certification program

Four Categories of program

Yoga & Self-Realization program

Music is the subtle source of universal force and it is easy to convert through other forms. We provide our basic sound energy studies and implementation connected with Kriyayoga and Vasayoga method, for the person who practice this method. Through this music integrated approach, we target faster and stronger experienceable result in a short period.

General and therapeutic sector of music.

This is the sector specially based on the empowerment side of music. Our empowered musician can provide the transmission of energy from the universe through yogic principle of music and sound management principle. It is useful for various stress management programs,
to modulate or stimulate different body transmissions in therapeutic conditions and in our rehabilitation programs.

Wings- Care for she, special women care program

This is a specially developed program with Kriyayoga and singing bowl for hormonal modulation. It also uses Oushadi marg (few external herbal applications)

Learning and certification.

This sector provides study on 4 base of shabd /naad (Para, Pashyanthi, Madhyama, Vaighari) and its implementation with modern psychological approach, mainly includes, Socio-psychological effect of music, Neuro-Psychological effect of music, Neuro-linguistical effect
of music, Socio-linguistic effect of music and many related topics.