About Us

About the Program

There is a strong philosophical background for this program from ancient Indian Vedic scriptures.

The program is executed through 4 major sectors.

A strong Yogic platform

A blessed musician

Physician’s guidelines

A proper academic background.

The entire program is guided and promoted by the first two sectors.

Yogic Principles

Dr. Hareesh A S

Studying and practicing under Agastya and 18 Sidha lineage. He started practicing
experimental music implementations for public from 2005 onwards.

Mr. A S Hareesh is handling the yogic side of Nadabrahma.

Musical implementations

Prof. Sudheer C V

Prof. Sudheer C V is a faculty for Indian Classical Music under the School of Social Sciences and
Languages at VIT Vellore. He has composed music for a few music albums and popular Indian Singers have rendered these compositions. He has also been doing his research on Music Therapy. Prof. Sudheer was conferred the title of “Aasthana Vidwan” by Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peedam, Kanchipuram in 2017 as a recognition to his contribution to the field of Music.