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As per our ancient beliefs, spiritual changes or achievements are a combination of past
and present karmas.
Modern psychological studies talks about various inborn skillset/ intelligence, like, musical intelligence, special intelligence, artistic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence etc. These inborn skill sets, with proper training, will create a dignified artist, musician, engineer and more.
Similarly, providing proper training is the maximum support that can be provided to a spiritual seeker. Kundalini jagran is a bye product of the proper training methods of the seeker’s devoted practice and his vasanas and karmas.

Therapies are a combination of mental strength, physician’s support, friends and family support and the patient’s attitude towards treatment and illness. Sometimes, a pampering or a psychological support itself can provide a better support for physician’s efforts. The music and sound energy are connected with neuro-psychological, physiological, socio- psychological and many other forms, as we mentioned in the education syllabus sector. The controlled resonance and its transmissions can manage and modulate various body transmissions.
The diagnosing and recognition about the patient and his condition plays an important role. What and how we can offer through which method comes under this observations or diagnosis. The efficiency of diagnosis will decide the ratio of the result in therapeutic side.

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